Art Walks

The Belgo gallery hop

Designed by architects Finley & Spence in 1912, the Belgo has been the home to a forever-rotating roster of galleries and artist studios since the early 1980s. Today it has the largest concentration of contemporary galleries in Canada. Explore the hallways of this initially industrial building, and visit a selection from over 20 contemporary art gallerists alongside dance, architect and artist studios.

The community of Mile End

It is well known that the artist-run centre continues to be an important part of the Canadian art ecosystem, and Quebec is no different. The Mile End is teeming with artists and art galleries, as it has continued to be home to one of the largest concentrations of artists in North America. Venture through the lush streets of this area and learn about the musicians​,​ artist​s​ and art spaces that have called this neighborhood home.

The Old Port Art Walk

Located on the Saint Lawrence River, the history of the old port stretches back to the early 17th century and now has become home to several important Montreal art institutions. Wander the cobblestone streets of the old port with an art insider, and visit a selection of internationally-known foundations, visual art centres and better-known galleries. See exhibitions by renowned international artists and community-oriented grassroots initiatives.

Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal

One of Canada’s most visited museums, the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal (MMFA) host original temporary exhibitions combines various artistic disciplines – fine art, music, film, fashion, and design. The five pavilions house both Quebec and Canadian art. Explore the various collections of the MMFA with an art insider, and get an insider’s perspective on the museum’s collection.


Canadian Centre for Architecture

Located in downtown Shaughnessy Village, the Canadian Centre for Architecture is a research centre and museum with a sculpture garden, a rich history, and a large archive. The centre, which was founded in 1979, was designed around the Shaughnessy House mansion, which is still on the grounds today. Visit the CCA with a local guide and learn about the history of the building, the sculpture garden, and its numeousl curatorial projects.